Scavengers of the Mutant World

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox Interstel Corporation Top down Turn based

Top down post apocalyptic turn based RPG

Most of us will think of Wasteland or the more recent Fallout series of games (1 and 2) when considering post apocalyptic top down RPG with the battles carried in turns. But, these were not the only contenders. Some hidden gems are still out there, less known but just as interesting and as atmospheric, such as this forgotten RPG, Scavengers of the Mutant World. So, you're going to ask, what is so special about this game that it deserves to be mentioned alongside the other classic post nuclear titles. Well, for starters, the game generates its maps randomly, which as you'd imagine creates both immense replayability but also issues in regard to monster placement and thus balancing. But, let's not forget, this game is to be approached as a Roguelike, it has to be properly tackled. In one possible scenario you can have it easy, with lots of drops and lots of cool weapons to use, in another the going can get tough. You have to make the most out of each scenario, and at times, you have to forgive that not all potential scenarios are winnable. But this can be very addictive, actually, never being sure what's next for you, and how the game will turn out this time. The other lesser point of the game is also a consequence of the game being random: the story is not as dense or as epic as in the early Fallout series, but then again, you have to consider the game on its own terms, and on those terms it is a winner, without a doubt.

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