Spider-Man and Captain America in: Dr. Doom Revenge

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Platformer

Fantastic action and gameplay

This arcade platform game which is based on a comic theme came with a comic book and was very much enjoyed buy the gamers. The plot in the game is that it stars two comic characters which are known as Spider Man and Captain America. They will play in unison and the mission that they have on the cards is to protect New York City from the evil doctor Doom who has threatened to destroy it. The action or the fighting in the game is pretty much diverse because you have about 30 levels in which the action will take place. I know you would definitely like to see the two characters performing their conventional moves in the game and this has been achieved to some extent with a gameplay that is quite competitive and diverse. Both the characters will only fight through their hands and won't be using any weapons but they will have a lot of power ups that have been dispersed in all the levels, the graphics in the game are above average and the music is quite alluring. You will love the game because it is quite simple but the action and the gameplay are still very addictive. Amazing Spiderman is another good game which features Spider man and is far diverse in terms of the action and the animations.

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