Dick Tracy

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Titus Interactive Platformer

Shallow adventure/platformer

This game wanted to capitalize on the movie starring the same protagonist, an intriguing investigator, in a rather noir like setting. But, the game manages to disappoint on all the levels that it can. The atmosphere is nothing like that of the original, as the color scheme used for the backgrounds is nothing to keep you engaged. Furthermore, the crime solving puzzles that are included rarely manage to be a bit more intriguing or more than an attentive pixel hunt, trying to uncover a hint you may have missed. The dialogues are also rather poor and do not manage to create a believable set. Thus, all things considered, this game is really not worth the time. Even the controls are not straightforward, and they could have been, give that no extra options become available through the game. At any rate, just as in the case of the Dick Tracy game on the NES, the production value is abysmal enough to make it ok to leave this game alone. It's too shallow and too flawed on too many levels, which makes it all but unplayable.

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