Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Polarware Graphical IF

Vampire themed text based adventure

Transylvania takes many of its themes from the nominal works of Dracula, the Bram Stoker novel. In terms of recipe, in this game you will find your way through the game via text commands while at times receiving visual cues from the included static backgrounds. These are by no means pictures to jonese over in their detail, though they do a good job at painting a nice visual representation of the game world. The text based interaction based puzzles and navigation will, however, make the bulk of the game, which don't require that you either keep a mental track of where you are, or that you use a pen and paper to mark your way through the game world. The parser, is however pretty competently written, allowing you to command the game in more than just one prescribed way, and the game will return information that is vital in keeping you engaged. Thus, the game, from a mechanics point of view is very well designed one and it will do a very good job at keeping you engaged throughout. If you like interactive novels and vampires this one is sure for you.

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