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Magnetic Scrolls adventure, really great story

I love how this game takes the trope of the witch and disassembles it, puts it under the light of the reflectors and does a really interesting job of humanizing it, building around it so as to dispel, if you will, the myths about it. But also, it's not all high philosophy and story, it is also about really well put together gameplay, with lots of puzzles and lots of regular adventure shenanigans to last you quite a bit. At any rate, it works, graphically it is not as polished as it could have been, but it is a game that plays well, not only because it stacks together all the good elements of a regular adventure game, but because, in the context, it puts a new light on it. So, from top to bottom, this is a really impressive game, one that offers you lots on all sort of levels, from the gameplay that works fine to the story that is a (relative) departure from the straight compositions that these kind of games were known for. Also, it came with both the installable as well as a fake newspaper, (make sure you source a PDF of that one too, it adds so much to the story) which creates this very lively world that stays haunting you long before you've exhausted the game. Rarely a game can do all of this, and the one that it got me thing king about was Fahrenheit, which you should also check out.

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