Crash Garret

Adventure 1987 Dos Ere Informatique Graphical IF

WWI French based escape and survive adventure

Getting saved from a crashing plane is but one part of your array of troubles, especially in the WWI times of trouble and war. The second part, after you manage to land safely is that of evading capture and keeping yourself alive, while finding a way to get yourself away from the enemy lines and then back home. And this is the story and background of this adventure game, which sure does a lot given its CGA graphical limitations and its measly size. Sure, it is a simple parser based text adventure, but the story, for survivalists and those that love WWI ideas, will surely make sense. And so, check these boxes: adventure game, WWI setting, survival and evasion and magenta heavy graphics! If none of these set you off, this one might be for you! If not, well, you can still choose a WWI tinged game, as there are quite a few out there. A very nice one, for real time strategists that love rather more modern games, is WWI: The Great War, beautifully produced and very easy to play and as accurate as you can expect from an RTS.

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