Star Chamber

Simulation 1987 Dos Dosbox Russco Pinball

Not exactly pinball-tastic

The Pinball Construction Set was a commercially available title which, as the name suggests, allowed users to make their own pinball tables in the comfort of their own home. Titles such as Flipper the Zipper, Black Box and Night Mission are all games created using the system and subsequently released onto the market. Star Chamber is another such game, which is why it bears a startling resemblance to all these others. If you have played any of them, then you will know exactly what to expect from this one but unless you love your pinball games with a dedication bordering on obsession, then you won't be missing much by skipping merrily past this one in search of flowers and lemonade. There's only a single table on offer here, which is basically themed around a star shaped object (hence the name) and with the usual array of bumpers and flashing lights arranged in semi-organised fashion around the table. It only really takes about three seconds to discover everything that Star Chamber has to offer and there's none of the appeal of later efforts such as Pinball Dreams or Pinball Fantasy. If you have grown up on this kind of game, or even real world tables, then you will find this one incredibly tame and will likely turn off almost instantly. The visuals are kind of ugly in that old-school pink and cyan way and while the controls are responsive, this is just being kind in an attempt to find something nice to say. The physics are more than a little wobbly and overall, this is one pinball game which is easily skippable by all but the most die-hard fans.

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