Star Goose

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Logotron Cartoon

The goose and the top down futuristic shooter!

In 1988 developers weren't always concerned to be realistic or to make much sense in their games! Nope, a game such as Star Goose, which sees nothing wrong with putting a goose in control of massive firepower in the future, while the gameplay is your classic front advancing shooter, well, this unseeingly disastrous recipe (at least by today's standards!) managed to become one of the most looked after games out there, loved so much that it was a hit with pirates as well. And why shouldn't it have been? It controlled great, it was really diverse, though definitely the main gameplay mechanic was the shooting and the dodging of enemy fire. Graphically it was also really well done, with large areas, with small corridors, large corridors, metallic tiling, more natural areas and so on. It was diverse, fun, really engaging, and really wacky, everything that gamers wanted, really!. Oh, and it came in 256 color VGA, which also helped a lot, during a time where such quality graphics were not as usual. If you love it, you'll also love Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo as well, which is just as wacky, and even more cartoonish and unlikely!

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