Flipper the Zipper

Simulation 1987 Dos Russco Pinball

Flipping bad

Another effort created by the Pinball Construction Set, a commercially available title that allowed players to make their own tables in gloriously eighties fashion, Flipper the Zipper unfortunately shows just how limited the system really was. Like other titles released that were created in the same system such as Star Chamber, Night Mission and Black Box, this one suffers from a lack of depth and variety that is sure to prove off-putting to fans of Pinball Dreams. There's only one table on offer here and if we're honest, it's a pretty basic one that offers little in the way of glitz or interest and you can pretty much see everything the game has to offer in about five minutes. The table is designed in a way that is most generously called 'solid' and 'dull and unimaginative' at worst, with little more than a few flippers and bumpers placed seemingly at random and which suggests that the game was designed about the same length of time as it will keep most players interested. As with any pinball game, there's little point here other than to chase high scores so if you don't like this sort of thing, then there is certainly nothing to interest you here. Unfortunately, even if you are a genre fan, you are still not likely to find much amusement. The visuals have a sort of appeal in their hideous colour scheme which is faintly painful to look at, but worse problems are to be found with the game's physics which are questionable, with the ball behaving in very odd and random ways with alarming regularity. This makes the game even more frustrating and when combined with its other shortcomings, make this a game which is best avoided.

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