Pinball Construction Set

Simulation 1985 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Design Tool

Minimalist pinball construction suite

Pinball Construction Set is not your professional gaming editing/production suite, it is however like a tool/toy box for those that want to have a go at creating minimalist pinball tables. Basically, you've got a left hand portion, where you are building your machine, and then you have the pinball bits and pieces. Choose bits and pieces from the right and place them where you think fit, on the right. Yeah, you can create whatever pinball table you desire, though, certainly, keeping things in tune with classic pinball production values will yield more playable tales. Don't however, expect to be able to reproduce some fantasy table you always dreamed about; nope, this is a 2D, limited scope kind of bundle. If you manage to create a few fun tables call that a day, call that mission achieved! But, then again, this little toolbox can be a great fun way to gateway your way into more professional and advanced production suites, if your imagination is actually caught by this one. In the same vein, easy but not too professional, you might also want to try Adventure Construction set, which, unlike the name suggests, is a tool for 2D RPGs rather than point and clickers.

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