Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Flight Space combat

Actual, genuine simulation of the operations of a Space Shuttle

Well, I must admit I was impressed! These sure are some crazy simulators out there but a space station? I'll just stay here and shiver me timbers, I'll take a gasp of air. Alright, now that I'm all set to go to space, I'll give it to you. What you do in this game is a combination of activities that in real life would be split between the astronauts in space on a mission and the people back in Houston, back on Earth. Anyway don't expect any joyride in terms of activities that seem straightforward or normal, everything in space is like a match of boxing: wanna punch left? You've gotta move your right foot! Wanna evade a punch? Move closer to your opponent. Not that pugilism is in any way related to this game, but you get me, it really is rocket science. But, while in space, you won't just sit tight and wait for something to happen, nope there are missions coming your way and you have to accomplish them and it is this portion of the game that is the most interesting, as these missions will truly put you to your paces. So buckle up, make sure you understand that it's gonna be a hard, difficult ride, and see what it means to be an astronaut! Can't really stomach all the complexity? Well then, see Space Rogue, an arcade game at heart but still employing space crafts, for all of you spacecraft lovers with fear of difficult games!

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