Star Fleet 1: The War Begins

Strategy 1985 Dos Dosbox Cygnus Galactic War Naval

You will be motivated to play it until the end

Star Fleet 1: The War Begins is a 1985 futuristic strategy game where you command a Starship, which you will control through various missions. Your objectives involve eliminating all the enemies and specific targets, against a timer. As you advance, your tasks will become more difficult, and this means that your time duration will be shorter and there will be new requirements regarding your skills. I encourage all the classic game collectors to play this game, and also its sequel, because your time will be worth spending with the pleasant fictional theme, with the fun features, and with their general nature that will make exciting your implementation of strategies . You will fight with two alien races, known as the Krellans and the Zaldrons. Your gained reputation will get you more modern and better ships to control in the alien war. After you annihilate the enemies and when you leave the hostile territories, you will have to carry the remains of the killed threats to your base in order to receive recognition for your work. The games similar to Star Trek are not that impressive when it comes to the visual effects, and neither this game is different from this point of view. So, if you are used to extremely realistic graphics, this game will not impress you at this area. But, play Star Fleet 1 to be surprised by its complexity and to be motivated to involve in the action until the end!

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