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Wargame focused on the naval clashes of WWII, slow, cumbersome..

Play Warship only if you are a diehard fan of a very specific niche of games: naval simulators in wargaming form, that allow you to use WWII technology. Also, you will need to be alright with gaming sessions that last an eternity due to the really slow speed at which the game progresses, and, also you will need to keep your visual preferences on the lower levels. Warship is a hardcore ship wargame, but, it is just unappealing. The reasons are multiple, and I touched upon them in my opening paragraph. Along with these, I'd also add that the actual missions don't ever really get interesting. I would have liked for the game to take that not so high road of not letting the truth get in the way of a good story, but it sure didn't and thus, historically accurate as they may be, the waiting and the slow moving of naval units, in this game, is just plain boredom. I don't think even diehard wargamers with a particular fancy for this style will find this game appealing, in the end I think it's a badly designed game. Nope, don't play it, see Gary Grigsby's Pacific War instead, polished, easy to control, and also with just the right amount of simulation vs. playability well nailed down!

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