Star Fleet 2: Krellan Commander

Strategy 1989 Dos Interstel Corporation Galactic War

down futuristic strategy game, pretty dope!

Although my first impression of Star Fleet 2: Krellan Commander was that this was one of those inscrutable strategies that were made in the late 80s, to my surprise I found that it is actually a very enjoyable, actually coherent and easy to sink into game, that doesn't throw the kitchen sink at you, all at once, though it sure packs some intricacies. But, it increases its difficulty as you want it to, gently, allowing you to get to know the game and to become familiar with it. As you progress through the first few missions you'll find out that this is a top down strategy like many others; you need to use each and every of your units in the right place and at the right time, and develop a coherent strategy. The game looks old, true enough, but it never gets I your way, as the info you need to know is always relatively in your way. Also expect some 2D portions and lots and lots of ASCII environments. But it works, so be patient with it, as it can really be a rewarding, though more than oldschool game. It's got the same techno, post punk attitude that Deuteros: The Next Millennium had, not familiar, easy or inviting, but once you get hooked it's definitely an experience you'll care for.

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