Star Command

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Sci Fi role playing game with space combat

Star Command will take you to space and back again on the surface of the planet, all in the name of an epic journey, which, at the core is a basic RPG, with lots more elements that will keep you entertained for hours. It's set in a galaxy, or, rather, in a small portion of a galaxy, called The Triangle. There you have to fight your way to supremacy, and it takes a lot to become the best. It's a strategic game, as you have to form alliances, and you also have to make sure you defeat the many pirates that have nothing better to do than to attack the star ports and many other locations. It is a bit similar to Star Trek but it's definitely more sprawling However, a lot of the game is text and menu based, so don't expect a sprawling graphical adventure. However, the game, in terms of the way it plays is definitely great, and surely worth looking into. Be careful though, many dangers lurk into the seemingly void space, and many races will compete against you! But, with perseverance and with a good use of your RPG skills and your strategic thinking you will get at the end of it.

Your very own space fleet

Star Command is yet another classic exciting strategy game where you play with your mind rather that the quickness of your hands. You have the entire universe and the deadly aliens to counter with your team of experts and tools. The combat interface has been designed very neatly which I haven't found with many under this genre. It's a classic RPG game involving plot development and strategy building rather than straight battles. The game is easy to understand and still demands the player to get involved in order to progress. Recruit your crew, buy ships and tools to set sail into the massive galaxy and manage your funds in the optimal manner. It's very much similar to the Star Command Revolution which is also a strategy based game. The user interface with Star Command is friendly and guides you all the way without making it a spoon feeding. The level of difficulty rises with every mission and really keeps one interested. I found it to be highly underrated because it's really addictive for those who are more into strategy games.

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