Universe 2

Strategy 1986 Dos Dosbox Omnitrend Software Galactic War

Space exploration and trading sim

A hard game Universe 2 is, mostly because it comes with a very hard to use interface, for the trading portion. This makes it so that you'll soon lose interest, as the exploration portion of the game is tightly dependent on your economic sufficiency. Thus, Universe 2 is a good game that gets let down by its insufficient polish to the interfaces and the other technical portions. But, overall, if you're the very patient (or used to oldschool interfaces with their quirks) you'll find this game pretty enjoyable. I'd rather play the next installment in the series because it solved a few of the interface issues and made the game a little bit more palatable for everyone else. So, all things considered, Universe 2 is a good game, but too labor intensive in the realm of micromanagement of interfaces, and getting to understand how to use it, especially the economic portion of the game. Graphically it's also a double sided kind of deal with this game, as it features a rather poor set of 3D graphics for the world, and rather poor tables for the math based, economic based portion. Not a wholehearted recommendation with this one.

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