Star Fox 2

Action 1995 Windows Dosbox Nintendo Space combat

Classic 3D polygonal space combat action

It is a 3D space combat game which has been mostly rated by gamers as a fun time pursuit. No need to go for the plot as it's all about space combats and destruction on different locations and different planets in the vast spread galaxy. You will choose your pilots and craft for the missions and will be given a map on which you will select the place where you need to do the action. The game has different difficulty levels and the harder level you select the more the features will be unlooked which makes the gameplay more diverse and fun. The polygonal graphics in the game add even further to the thrill in the gameplay and the diversity of levels add to its replay value. Unless you change your pilots or the missions, the action and destruction continues as more and more enemies will pop in. The map is the key in the game which gives you all the details of the action. The normal mode unlike other games is very exciting but the tougher modes are the ones that do not let you lose interest at all. Its prequel Star Fox had the same vigor and vibe but this time they have made the gameplay even better.

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