Star Fox

Action 1992 Nintendo Nintendo Space combat

Close to the ground jet flight arcader

Star Fox is one of the speediest close to ground flight games, a sort of 16 bit take on what Sonic had done for platformers and sidescrollers, this is what Star Fox had represented/done for flight games. So you play this highly trained... fox, or some other character; these are really badass characters, required to cut their legs so as to allow them to withstand more Gs in tight maneuvering situations. Yep, that's some trivia right, there, for a child oriented game! Hehe! Well, don't worry, the game isn't particularly graphic in nature, but it sure is fast and action filled. You will mostly fly, avoid other planes fire and missiles and shoot them down, while looking to complete your current level mission. It's thoroughly energetic, very well produced and diverse, so that it can really pull you in. Besides it's the most Sega like title that Nintendo ever produced (!) so that alone is reason enough to try it! But, nonetheless, while it kind of stands alone in its niche, you could say that it is only bettered by Star Fox 2, in its niche of arcade fun flight gaming.

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