The Last Dynasty

Action 1994 Dos Sierra On-Line Space combat

Who will be the keeper of the last dynasty

The Last Dynasty is a fantastic hybrid between a space flight simulator game and a first person puzzle- adventure game that follows the story of the space pilot Mel Raauq who must locate and destroy the archenemy Lord Iron as well as take out his minions, who are scattered around space and are trying to subjugate other inhabitants of the vast space. Other than flying various space crafts that range from cargo vessels to fully equipped war ships, he also must explore the various worlds and solve puzzles in order to find the enemy he must kill. This game is actually a fine example of how a game can have elements of several different game genres and still be successful. The plot is even more enhanced through several live video sequences that are shown throughout the game and the game's beautiful graphics that are very good for that era definitely improve the gaming experience. So, when we have a game that is full with action, has tons of interesting Myst-like puzzles and is followed by an very interesting story line, it is very hard not to be entertained. Perfect for lovers of all genres. Have fun!

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