Star Glider

Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Argonaut Space combat Flight shooter

Good deal of action, amazing graphics

It is a space combat action shooter game where the plot is a futuristic and based on fantasy. You have two characters in the game who are basically mechanics and will now have to fly an aircraft to take down the crafts of the aliens who have an evil intention. The craft that you will use in the game is not that advanced to the likes of the ones that are being driven by your enemies but you will really have to test your skills to bring them down. You have to go through every level and destroy the Star glider plane which is being helped by other alien planes. At every level, the target will be the same but the dynamics and the hurdles will be different and difficult. There are 16 different types of enemy planes that you will have to destroy. The controls of the planes that you will drive in the game are very well incorporated and the transition and the movements are very smooth. The 3D graphics allow you to experience some very fine details and a very broad action which makes the game a real thrill. The UI in the game is also very good and so is the A1. The game is pretty much the same as the Star Rangers but is a bit superior in some aspects.

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