Star Rangers

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Interactive Magic Space combat Science Fiction

Space combat and strategy mix that works like a charm!

It's not like the space shooter/sim/strategy genre hadn't had its classic, it had, but at times the no. 1 sellers were all involved in pushing boundaries to the point that they tried to satisfy too many people, sort of losing track of a core gameplay mechanic. I'm looking at 4X games which surely were all about diversity, but, well, sometimes, just focus on a great mechanic, such as this game here presents is more comfortable and satisfying to play than a game that wants you to spread yourself thin in a thousand possible directions. Well, Star Rangers is indeed a dual faced game, it offers you both strategy, quite high level, but you can always escape in a face to face space dogfight if that is what you're looking for. So, that's it for this game, not extremely sprawling but certainly more advanced than the Atari game it continued. Looks wise it can still hold its own, and as I said it's all about the action here, and you'll get enveloped in it, without question if you haven't yet grown tired of space shooters. My alternative, well, there are two of these here: it's either the more strategically prone Elite road or, for the totally rad space shoot without no strategic tie ins, it's all about Asteroids, yap, the Atari great is the best synthetic recreation free floating through infinite (and looping!) space. Whichever quenches your heart's desire!

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