Starglider 2

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Argonaut Shooter Space combat

Be a space rogue in a pirate filled universe!

Starglider 2 is a much better game than the first one in the series, mostly because of the improved graphics and the many tweaks and improvements that the interfaces and the controls have suffered. At any rate, Starglider 2 manages to create a really satisfying experience, one that is pretty simple in concept but then gets a lot of detail, as you progress. The core gameplay experience is that of a space shooter and explorer in space, in 3D, in a universe filled with all sort of dangers. Yap, this is not your kind, mostly empty universe. Nope, pirates are roaming around, ready to take a toll on anyone foolish enough to be roaming without the right weapons there, where the pirates are known to congregate. As such, Starglider 2 is not a hard game to understand, but, to keep the experience fresh new elements (mission based) are introduced ever so often, keeping the experience interesting as you keep going. Plus, graphically and control wise, I don't think you'll have anything to comment; the game is a pretty good looking one, given how long ago it was released. So, if you played Elite and thought it a nice experience, this is going to feel similar to you, though, a lot less detailed.

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