Star Ship Command

Simulation 1987 Dos Don G. Bowen Space combat Space flight

An action/sim game in space; Star Trek like

Don't expect a revelation from Star Ship Command: it was a title that was released for free as part of the freeware games that were distributed on the disk that accompanied the Uptime mag, a home programming and games magazine of the 80s. However, while not particularly brilliant graphically, the game is still playable and offers a nice insight into what home game developers were looking into at the time, when trying to build a space simulation. Thus, you will be set in this spaceship, all delivered in ASCII graphics, and from there on you will find yourself in all sorts of situations, some more complicated than others. The Star Trek portion comes in the form of meeting alien civilizations, and also, doing battle, negotiating how much energy the shields will get, the weapons system or the propulsion engines. So, with that in mind, Star Ship Command is an alright 5 minute game, and if you can make it past the clumsy interface, then you might get more out of it than most. Else, download TIE Fighter Collector's Edition for a properly produced game of space exploration and shooting, even if one that is set in the competing, Star Wars Universe!

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