Simulation 1990 Dos Keith Cox Space combat Space flight

Space simulation; futuristic and fun!

Starlord is a cool space simulation that bears a lot of similarities with the oldie EGA Trek; thus, it's not going to be bearing resemblance to anything realistic, however, for a shooting game and for an exploration of space game, built to offer you a good option of arcade ideas, it sure has its moments. Also, graphically, it's mostly a black background on top of which the ships and the other space objects move about. You do, however, need to tend to your ship, repair it, refill it with energy and also do a bit of trading in order to keep some currency on you, so you can get the money that you need. As you'd imagine it's all worth looking into, because Starlord (Keith Cox, 1990) is the kind of game that really has a lot to offer. Also, for an arcade game like this, the fact that there are different factions of aliens to trade with and even get into alliances with, really adds depth to it. But, don't forget, it is still an arcade game, so if you want a true 4X game, better download Frontier: Elite, which takes itself a lot more seriously.

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