TIE Fighter Collector's Edition

Simulation 1994 Dos Lucas Arts Space combat Space flight

Graphically improved version of the original Tie Fighter series

X Wing sequel Tie Fighter is a space shooter mainly, but it does have a few other perks up its sleeve. For starters, the game includes all sort of missions, though, your main activity will be that of searching for and engaging in space combat, for the most part. However, the game includes a system through which you can re route your power from your shields to your weapons or to your engines, a system that becomes more interesting as you take damage. This adds a level of tactics to your gameplay, as you are always in a race to avoid damage, while trying to hit your targets as fast as possible Repairs can also be ordered in a sequence of your choice which also takes time and a strategic effort. Therefore, the game has a unique arcade and simulation , or rather strategic side to it that has made it a classic and a game much loved by the Star Wars fanatics. The game is not a free roaming one, as it arranges the content in bite sized mission, missions which, if failed, can be repeated until you succeed. So, a strategic shooter in space, the Collector's Edition version brings in a much awaited graphical improvement which makes the game furthermore interesting and a lot more interesting to play for modern gamers.

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