Star Trek TNG: The Transinium Challenge

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox TRANS Fiction Systems Science Fiction First person

A must play for Next Generation fans

Star Trek TNG: The Transinium Challenge is a great adventure game, quite possibly the best, based on the TNG cast, if not the entire series. What makes it so special? Well, for starters it features a story that was very interesting to explore in the TV series as well, the Final Unity plot-line. It's about the beginning of life and that which binds all humans as well as alien species. So, with that in mind Star Trek TNG: The Transinium Challenge is a really exquisite game, one that will definitely offer you a lot of enjoyment and a lot of satisfaction. It's got beautiful graphics, very representative of the cast of the TV show and also, very well put together. Also, the dialogues, part of them are spoken, taken directly from the TV show, with just enough quality loss to give them that DOS patina that makes the game even more enjoyable. Anyway, while puzzle is strong in this one, there is also quite a bit of action, or puzzles that are very action oriented, if you will, along with great storytelling and also, sets that recreate the Enterprise (and its computational devices!) very well. Great, absolutely great! Do have a walkthrough around just so you don't get stuck and give it up, that would be a shame!

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