Star Trek - The Rebel Universe

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Simon & Schuster Interactive Science Fiction

Too many different game mechanics and play stiles...

Star Trek - The Rebel Universe is a very sprawling title: it wanted to be too much for too many people this one, hehe! It wanted to be a strategy, it wanted to be an action game, it wanted to be a puzzler, it also wanted to be a managerial game, and it also wanted to be an adventure. Remember, this is 89 when the game was released, when even one of these gameplay styles could have been challenging. So, unfortunately, none of these elements are delivered in full. Granted, the game is still playable, but when you think you've nailed one of the mechanics, you're offered a different challenge. It's not that I don't appreciate diversity, quite on the contrary, but I do expect a sort of settling in the groove, a sort of time to accommodate myself with one mechanic and then, get a new challenge of the same nature. Nope, Star Trek - The Rebel Universe is all over the place, and also, it never expands any of these disparate threads, which, unfortunately, offers you no satisfaction. At least, for a game this old it looks alright, but it's a hard to play one, lots of frustration lurking about just waiting to hit on you! Nope, if Star Trek oldies is what you're looking for, rather go for Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, which keeps more towards adventure with bits of action, and overall much better produced.

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