Mars Saga

Adventure 1988 Dos Electronic Arts Science Fiction First person

Neat sci-fi RPG

Long before there was Command and Conquer, developers Westwood created this little known sci-fi RPG and while it is not without its flaws, it is a curious little gem that stands as an interesting experience for nostalgia buffs. Players find themselves in the shoes of an unlucky space pilot who has crash landed on Mars and as they take on jobs to get the cash to repair his ship, they become involved in a conspiracy involving hidden alien life. The game plays out in turn-based fashion, and players control a team of up to six characters as they investigate the mines of Mars and uncover the truth behind conspiracy. In typical RPG fashion, there are quests to go and combat to engage in but to reveal more about the plot here would be to ruin one of the game's strongest and most appealing points. Another intriguing element is the skills system which allows you to tailor and develop your squad with various specialities which will all come in handy at some point in your travels. If you're prepared to put the time in, then Mars Saga is a rewarding RPG that stands up pretty well today. There is plenty to explore and get involved in and the plot is genuinely compelling with some neat twists and turns that will keep you guessing, and with characters that are surprisingly well developed. Gameplay is relatively simple but no less absorbing for this and the combat offers a fair amount of strategy and tactical depth. Visually, Mars Saga is pretty simple, with a mix of perspectives and some atmospheric environments which just lack detail. If you are after an unusual retro gaming experience then Mars Saga is well worth digging out. Just don't be surprised if it eats up a lot of your time!

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