Star Trek: The Next Generation

Simulation 1999 Windows Pocket Books (Bryan E. Taylor) Space combat Futuristic

Hard to grasp strategy/simulation

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation took the high road of strategy, but, even though there were enough games of the same genre to use as examples, it still managed to be a little too user unfriendly. You are tasked with building and maintaining the relationships within the Federation of Planets, to which the inhabitants of Earth have only gained access in a very short period. This means that your every move will be scrutinized by the other federation members, making your path a little hard to maintain. In terms of actual gameplay you will be tasked with classical strategy actions, maintaining economic strength, but above all, a good diplomatic relationship, especially with the more combatant and aggressive races. However, the game interface is pretty un-explanatory, leaving you to do a lot of guess-work when it comes to handling the situations thrown at you. Therefore, the game will prove a little too hard to grasp, and maybe, only the most hardcore players and strategists, with a love for the Star Trek lore will find the game palatable, though even they will see its inherent flaws. So, unless you want to be in for a hard ride, better leave this one out.

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