Line Wars 2

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Safari Software War Science Fiction 3D action adventure

Fine sci-fi shooter

Those in search of a sci-fi experience like Wing Commander or Freelancer would be well advised to check out this neat little space flight sim that mixes enjoyable blasting action with a bit of exploration. The background informs players that they have been sent to a remote outpost which is supposedly far from the front lines of action. However, that wouldn't make for a very exciting game so it isn't very long before waves of asteroids start heading towards the base, and which are closely followed by pirate ships out to plunder and destroy. Throw in a few escort missions and you have all the makings of a fine slice of sci-fi fun, and there is even a veteran cyborg pilot who has been resigned to the scrap heap to help you out. The game plays out in similar fashion to the aforementioned classics, also resembling the original Elite, with a 3D first person perspective for the flying action. The actual flight dynamics and ship handling are extremely well done and give a good sense of being in command of a space fighter while the graphics are pretty decent considering the game's origins. They are nicely detailed and everything moves along at a good pace to keep the action exciting. There is an emphasis on exploration and hunting down your foes rather than out-and-out dogfighting, which makes for some tense missions which really keep you on your toes and which give a slightly different feel to the game. Line Wars 2 really is a great little combat sim that is well worth digging out for those in search of some sci-fi action. The original Line Wars is also pretty good, so check that out too.

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