Action 1992 Dos Silver Lightning Software Science Fiction Top down

A top down star fighter arcade shooter game; very nice

Starfire is a top down vertical shooter, with all the staples that make these games very interesting: it has you piloting a bird of prey that starts out a little underpowered, but, collect all the power-ups that are to be found on the road and soon enough you will become an unstoppable force, someone to really reckon with. In terms of graphics, what you'll love about this game is that it never tries to add elements for the sake of them being more diverse. Nope, most of the background are black and white with the ground turrets having a red point, so you can see them better, and the upgrades being mostly green. The 16 bit style of the graphics is also pretty interesting, along with the fact that the game chooses to remain bound to simple almost monochrome graphics. So, you'll scroll towards the top f the screen endlessly, trying to keep your hard earned upgrades and to see what comes next. And that is all it takes for this game to be pretty well done, and also interesting. If you'd like more colors and more diversity graphically, download Kiloblaster which is the antithesis of this shooter, as it has so much more colors and backgrounds, yet gameplay wise it remains pretty similar to this one.

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