Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Epic MegaGames Shooter Top down

A bit more advanced than Galaxian but similar

If you've played Galaxian you will know what this game wants from you! It wants you to shoot down all the nasties that come at you, while avoiding being hit yourself, while also, trying to make the most of your shots, so as to terminate all the baddies as fast as possible. So, Kiloblaster is a more modern, more resolute take on that recipe. Therefore, in it you are going to be faced with a multitude of choices, of upgrades, a few strategies and lots of baddies, some of them more diverse and interesting, behavior wise, than the regular Galaxian enemies. Graphically, style wise, it's a game that offers you great backdrops, space stationary images, on top of which the enemies come at you, in small or great numbers. It's also a game that alternates its difficulty, is not the kind that always goes for escalating difficulty, which makes it a bit more unpredictable than a vanilla Galaxian. Also, the clean right hand info is tasteful, immediately readable, and looks unobtrusive, which is so much of a relief, especially with games so old so, if you love defending the earth in 2D, from lots of intruder aliens, this is as great as any to offer you just that kind of an experience. Have it around!

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