Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Tsunami Media Science Fiction

Could be a lot better

The problem of this game is that it is not a formal member of the family and therefore wasn't taken care as one of it. Allow me to explain. The games developer Tsunami, made Protostar to be a sequel to Starflight, but since it didn't get the licence to do that, the game came out as a stand alone game that wasn't done with a 100 percent effort. The game's plot is sloppy, and the user interface is a bit clumsy for a beginner, so these are the initial turnoffs. But the game is good enough to sense it's potential - it's a fun and solid trading sci fi game with a huge exploration space. The number of the worlds you can visit are virtually infinite. The graphics are fairly typical for a 1993 game so there is nothing special to say about it. The game is full with midi music which sound pretty sci fi, so it fits in the game just right. All in all, this game could be much much better. Unfortunately, it isn't. It's average. But still nice to play, though. So give it a shot.

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