Ega Trek

Strategy 1992 Dos Nels Anderson Science Fiction

Space combat strategy in EGA graphics

Old time game here, Ega Trek, is a science fiction strategy game which has a very diverse plot that needs a long exposition for explanation. To give you an idea, it is a war between some futuristic races in space where there are a lot of resources which you should capitalize on and manage to take down the enemies. You will control on of the races in the game to take down the Mongols who have their evil intentions. The game is actually a very good depiction of the sci-fi elements that can been seen to operate in the space world of stars, stations, galaxies and some alternative source of energies. The good thing in the game is that it focuses a lot on the gameplay elements and all the sequences or levels which are 64 in number have been linked with each otter quite well. The other good thing in the game is that it has some brilliant graphics which are necessarily required for such themes. The strategy making should be very effective because the opponents are really tough because of the good A1 that has been incorporated in the game. The user interface is also very good and solid and the game is overall a classic strategy game. To give you a good alternative to it, try Utopia.

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