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Statistics heavy space strategy

I don't care how much of a mathematical sense and depth your game has if in all other aspects it is barren. I think that lack of detail has always plagued games set in space. I mean, the void surely isn't a very inspiring place to make you think and to make you be productive, and many producers have noticed this. Many have tried artifices as trying to actually colorize the space, give it lots of clashing colors and hope to at least make it visually pleasant. But that conceit rarely enables you to be wowed, to actually be satisfied. Nope, what a strategy games needs is depth and detail. And the games that have understood this have filled their games with aliens, with stories that are very humanly relatable, (think Star Trek), basically humanizing and making the space a place rather than a lack of features. At any rate, this game demonstrates pretty much that lack of personable detail, it gets the math of its economics right, in fact makes it quite intricate, really, and it also gives you non descript weaponry, ships and aliens, which is just not enough to prompt you to play. Nope, when it comes to space strategy I'd rather go with messier but al least interesting games such as Armada 2525: Deluxe Edition. At least there's something alive, sort of , hidden within all the mathematics.

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