Battle Isle 2

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Blue Byte Galactic War

A sequel that beats its predecessor

Batlle Isle 2 is a sequel to the sci fi strategy game Battle Isle and second in the Battle Isle series but with some major changes, and for the better, it should seem. Firstly, differently from the original, you have the entire screen to navigate in, instead it being divided into two parts, merged move and attack phases to make the game go more smoothly, and introduced the 3-D display of combat, making the visual experience a lot better. The controls are also simplified, so the game is easier to play. The game is somewhat more challenging, thanks to the nicely programmed AI, but if you want, with passwords you can play against another human for more fun gameplay. The game has nice and better graphics than the last game, and there is not much music and sound going on, but what is there, sound pretty decent. The 3D combat view is also a very nice sight. This is one of the easiest game in the series, in terms of gameplay, and also one of the more challenging ones. So, to sum it up, this is a very nice and fun continuation of the game, and a welcome change. Strategy lovers will get their fill of fun and challenge, and it's a very nice game for beginners, too, since the game is pretty simple to figure out and play. Highly recommended.

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