Iron Seed

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Channel 7 Empire management Science Fiction

Starflight themed space strategy

Iron Seed is a game in that very same vein as X3 or as Starflight but it sure is a little bit better graphically. It includes a tactical portion that some would view as challenging while others would see as flawed in terms of design. Me? I'd call it oldschool, as there is nothing wrong with it, it's just intricate in the way these oldschool games used to be most of the time, not out of lack of design skill but because they stuck with another philosophy of considering it. At any rate, the game has a way of randomizing most of the encounters, so that no two reprises will be the same, and anything that adds more to the playability and replayability of a title is welcomed. Also, depending on the ships in your use the way you approach the game, more set on conquering, more on commerce or on diplomacy, all these different options can be portrayed and helped by the choices that you make in terms of space gear, so to say. Graphically, well, 94 had some better looking games, but then again, this is not an ugly game either, it's just a bit on the crowded/packed side with its interface and also a bit blocky and unimaginative at times. But, well, it works, and you won't feel cheated or underwhelmed by it.

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