Steel Panthers 3

Strategy 1997 Dos Dosbox SSI Historical Turn based War

WWII towards the end wargame

The level at which the wargame that Steel Panthers 3 is, is the brigadier commander, so, you don't really have to burden yourself with the working of the entire front, but a rather small piece of it. But that doesn't mean less responsibilities, nope, what it means is that you will be responsible for a large sector of armed machine combat, stationary artillery and your trusty infantry men. You can call airstrikes, but mostly, as long as you do your job good at the ground level, you have no reasons not to emerge victorious. Though, surely, you do have to conserve your units, while also being brave and taking the initiative when needed. The game is pretty breezy to interact with, granted that you have the minimum of wargaming training in some other titles, but if not, Steel Panthers 3 offers you a pretty solid tutorial. Also, you might want to check the older Steel Panthers 2, sort of to be acquainted with the state of the front up until that point, so you'll know why the display of forces is as it is. An alright game for wargamers, a must play for fans of Steel Panthers and Steel Panthers 2.

A pretty good TBS war game

War games that are real time strategy based are a bit hectic because you do not get a detailed look of what you are doing. It is not the case with this amazing turn based war strategy game. Due to it being a turn based game, you get all the details about your moves, what's going and can plan very effectively. You can build a very solid defense and can launch a very vigorous attack by using variety of different elements that they have incorporated in it. You have different perimeters to consider which makes the game a fun prospect for those who like to think. To give you one example, you need to carefully consider the level of the morale that your units have before launching the attack and similar will be the case when you ploy a defensive technique. You have maps and weapons to select and a good voice narrator has also been incorporated to give you directions. The A1 is really competitive but the game is more enjoyable if you play wit with your friend. The graphics are above average and the sounds are quite realistic. Turn based strategy war games like Panzer General have also given users a good variety.

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