The Operational Art of War II: Flashpoint Kosovo

Strategy 1999 Windows TalonSoft Historical Turn based War

War is coming

If you don't have the base game of The Operational Art of War II, then don't bother with this as it's an expansion pack. If you are a fan however, this is well worth picking up as it makes an already fine game even more interesting and adds longevity and challenge. If you're unfamiliar with the original, it's essentially a combination of simulation and scenario editor which allows you to recreate historical battles from 1956 to 2000. It's quite a complex game but one which remains accessible and it's fascinating for the way it allows you to fight on many levels, from command all the way down. The game is very realistic in relation to the things you have to worry about, like your troops' morale and state of being, to supply routes and so on. This pack allows you fight new scenarios not only in Kosovo, but also in Asia, the Middle East and various other dangerous parts of the world. Most of what's offered here is fictional, such as a modern US civil war and a flare up in central Europe but there are also historical ones like the Gulf War. This really is quite a fascinating little add-on which is well worth adding to any wargamer's collection. The essential gameplay remains the same, but the new scenarios are imaginative, challenging and rarely less than fun to play. They are complex, so you can expect to lose some time to the game, but that doesn't usually bother wargamers. The interface remains flexible and intuitive, and the visuals simple but effective, so if you have the original game, then this should also be picked up. If not, get the Elite Edition which has both titles.

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