Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars War

Recreate the historic battle of your choice

If you like war turn-based strategies, SP2 will come as a sweet treat. This second game from the long running series takes you to the battlefields of the second half of the 20th century - from the Korean war in the 50's to the Gulf war in the early 90's. The game also includes a few alternate history battles set in the (now long past) future of 1999. The game sports all the best qualities - great graphics, easy-to-use interface, simple controls and an awesomely written AI system. There are a few minor novelties from the original, though - the game has become much more agile, with the combat units having a lot more freedom of movement, the option to shift artillery. These features make the game run a lot smoother and appears more dynamic. The main thing every potential player should concentrate on is the fact that the game hasn't lost anything from it's predecessor's genius. It has always been and always will be one of the best war strategies of the nineties.

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