Stellar 7

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Dynamix Flight Space combat

Ahh, the early days of computer gaming!

Stellar 7 is a 1991 action simulation game whose story is set in a futuristic world. You control a modern vehicle named Raven with the main mission to confront Gir Draxon and his Arcturan army. Before you reach him, you will explore various star systems, defending the enemy units. You will experience the 3D polygonal graphics, that will remind of the early days of computer gaming. The gameplay is convenient, smooth, convincing enough to maintain your attention and interest throughout the progress. Your machine is able to use a jump jet to attack flying rivals, to use powerful or fast shots and fire. To recharge your energy, you can look for places like fuel bays. The enemies are rendered and categorized in a wide range of models and behaviours. When all of them are killed, then the levels are considered completed, and you can advance to the next ones. There are always new strategies to adopt, and some secrets to discover along your way, that can unlock other levels. The cutscenes will offer you information about your final enemy to defeat, Gir Draxon, showing his high determination to come after you due to your massive attacks upon his army. Fighting the boss requires the use of powerups, as they will be more efficient. Take this game and be captivated until the end!

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