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Combat simulation and trading; in space!

Hyperspeed is a cool half a 4x, being mostly a space simulation, as well as a trader in space. It's produced and released in the beginning of the 90s and thus, it's got that very cool and beautiful build – pretty interesting; most of the action in space is dog fight based. The controls, while not the smoothest out there, still do a good job of creating a pretty diverse and satisfying game. So, with that in mind, Hyperspeed does a beautiful job of offering you just what you need; action, and all that economic portion. Basically, the trading is important because you want a ship that is as well equipped as ever, and that surely takes a long time. So, with that in mind, if you wanted a simimalist, graphically okay game, with 2 parts of the 4X build, Hyperspeed does a good job of it all. It's a bit too arcade to be a game you'll return to after you've given it a spin, but it sure is well done enough. Even more so, Hyperspeed gives you a very satisfying and pleasurable experience. Also, download Privateer 2: the Darkening for a similar, yet more complex build of the same ideas.

A great piece of work

This game is a space simulation with elements of strategy with a high replay value because of the various options that can be tried out over and over again. Although it is considered a strategy game, it is more of a space flight simulation, since most of the game goes on controlling a space ship and flying it across the universe in the quest of searching a habitable planet for your people. There are four star clusters to explore, each one with its own difficulty level. There are also a lot of combat elements, since during your flight you encounter a lot of enemy ships that are out to destroy you, so you have to shoot them down with all the weapons you have at your disposal. There is also an option of signing treaties with the aliens that don't what you as a piece of dead meat. As I said, the options are quite endless. The game's immense complexity and detail in combination with the fantastic graphics and very smooth animation make this game one of the best space flight simulation in the gaming history, along with Elite. Great work!

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