The Lurking Horror

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Infocom Horror

Really well written text adventure

The Lurking Horror is a really well written text adventure, with very well worded chunks that describe the terrifying corridors and monsters you will encounter. In a sense, for those with a good imagination, the game can be more suggestive than a graphic horror adventure, so, really scary and well delivered. The game takes place in interior spaces mostly, and there is quite a bit of challenge in knowing where you are and how the spaces link to each other. Thus, you will really need to keep a journal and a graph paper map to aid you in knowing where you are, and to keep track of some of the items you find. The parser is not the most easy one to work with, given that the best combinations are sole verb and object combinations. Don't throw long, sprawling phrases at it, because the game won't be able to make use of them. Instead, focus on immediate interaction and on combination of item commands. Indeed, the game is a bit picky in regard to the manner in which it accepts your commands, so take care to keep it simple. So, with a real sense of dread and imminent danger lurking at each corner, you're very likely to find this simple text based adventure highly exhilarating, granted that you have what it takes to sip in the text delivered shenanigans of this game. Otherwise, even if one of the best in its class, the text based adventure genre itself is certainly not for everyone.

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