Arcade 1996 Windows Dosbox American Softworks Corporation Horizontal shooter Indie Simulation

Pretty average gameplay and vareity

It is an arcade style horizontal shooter game with sci-fi action and the action has all been set up in the depths of the sea. The role you have is to play a pilot of a submarine who has been sent on a mission to kill all the enemies that appear. The submarine you will pilot is a futuristic submarine with a lot of sci-fi dynamics which are not yet seen with real submarines. So you will be getting something new in the form of weaponry and navigation gadgets. However when it comes to the diversity and the variety in the game, it is not much pleasing because the designs of levels do not have much of a difference or lack the much needed creativity. You almost have the same backgrounds running in the game which does not give an inviting feel. Similarly when you move towards the graphics, they are actually average but the UI is very user friendly. The controls are very good and you can do all the action smoothly. The thing which I did not liked about the game is that the enemies are not much competitive and can be killed easily with simple firing and then do not show much tactical resistance. There are many better game on the same theme and the one I would recommend is Fire Wind.

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