Sub Culture

Simulation 1997 Windows UBI Soft Unconventional

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Originality at its best

Sub Culture is a submarine adventure game (Like Finding Nemo) published in 1997. by Ubisoft. In an underwater world where people are 1 cm small, you play Bubba Kosh, who is an ocean prospector and who travels around this small world in his submarine looking for work. The game is divided into stages, which are divided into missions. What is very appealing is that, between missions, you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. You can collect goods and then resell it, so you can buy some better parts for your ship, or you can just drive around the ocean blueThe game deserves to be praised for its 3D graphics and smooth movement which give the game a great underwater experience, but a bad word has to be said for its clumzy controls which take away some of the enjoyment of the otherwise very fun game. The audio is also very good, ranging from smooth and easy when you're just starting up to fast and pumping when you're on your last mission. To sum it up the graphics are great, sounds is great, the controls are kinda clumzy but can get used to, so there is really no reason why you shouldn't get yourself wet and embarge into a great oceanic adventure.

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