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To arms!

There have been a couple of versions of this classic boardgame released for home computers over the years but this one is perhaps the best, thanks to its accurate recreation of the original and for its inclusion of new elements which help it stand out from being a straight copy. It's the perfect game for a wet Sunday afternoon and should keep chess fans happy for some time to come. If you've never been introduced to the joys of Stratego before, it's a two player board game where players control two small military forces composed of varying troop types. The goal is to locate and capture the enemy's flag by moving your pieces across the board while taking out your opponent's pieces as you go. The trick here is that there is a hierarchy to which pieces can be captured by another, with the lowliest ones only capable of capturing their counterparts, but which come in higher numbers, and with the top ranking officers able to take anything, but which you only have a handful of. This version gives you the basic version of the game plus four new takes on the classic formula to add in some variety. As far as board game interpretations go, this one is pretty good stuff. The challenging and strategic gameplay is recreated perfectly and which still proves to be immensely enjoyable stuff. The presentation is solid, with some nice graphics, an intuitive interface and some decent options, while the addition of the new versions of the game helps to provide even more lasting appeal. If you've lost your original boardgame and are looking for a computerized version, then this is the one to go for.

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