Strategy 1997 Windows War

Classic by all means

It's a tactical warfare game which is one of the very best in this category. The plot of the game is that involves tactical warfare and combats between the US forces of army and navy and the Russian and the Canadian opposing forces which are also very competitive and well equipped. The best trait in this game is that they have made all efforts to give it a realistic feel. The weapons and the equipment that have been shown in the game are those which are and which have been used by the forces of these countries and involves realistic dynamics. You will be using a great fleet of weapons in about 64 different scenarios that are very diverse. The scenarios can also be edited through the game and this makes the game a lot more fun. The variety of the missions in the game is very unique and unlike other games of this genre and you will love the A1 that will really give you a pain in the neck. The graphics are top notch by all means and the controls are perfect to tackle all scenarios. Civil War General is the second recommendation that I can give because it is also a very good game.

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