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40 pieces digital capture the flag board game sim; playable

Stratego is a fun, well delivered digitization of the classic board game Capture the Flag; it's a small area war game, in which each player, human or Ai controls an army of 40 units. Each one of these is working in tandem to secure the flags of the adversary, and the battles feel pretty chess like, pretty classic in build. It takes a while to sink into the game, but once you've learned all the rules, if you like a strategic game, you can be sure that Stratego will definitely deliver. It's well executed, graphically well put together, and for the most part, it's great. You have to play a game of square occupation, while trying to always have enough defensive units to protect the areas that you occupy. And so, overall, it plays really well, and if you don't want to start each session with the original startup lineup, you can use a setting to randomize the starting positions, plus, you can use three board layouts as well, which works really great. It's a bit more complicated compared to a game such as Risk, but it's pretty much in the same vein, so download them both on your computer and you won't be disappointed.


Board games were some of the earliest computer games other than card games and text adventures. Chess, checkers, and even Monopoly made their EGA and CGA appearances on computers, long before the Pentium chip was invented. However this game was always missing. I'm very surprised that I never saw it anywhere else before visiting Squakenet. I'm very very thankful that I found it. I have wonderful memories of playing the tabletop version of Stratego. This version of the game looks and plays very simple, anyone can learn it in 10 minutes or less. Fewer lower number pieces(1) capture plentiful higher number pieces(9). Bombs kill anything except for the miners(8). Capture the other guy's flag. Every piece moves one space at a time, except for Scouts(9). Spies(S) can be captured by anything except the Marshall(1). If you try to make an illegal move, like moving diagonally or making a bomb move, the game will tell you it's illegal and not let you do it. There are also various “rule sets” available in the options menu. This game will certainly be on any computer I own from now on, it's a perfect app for killing short amounts of time and I hope will show up on mobile devices. The only downside is that it's not network capable. Still, a great find.

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