Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies

Action 1998 Windows Ripcord Games Flight shooter Strategic scope

Many provocative challenges

Conquest of the Skies is a 1998 real-time strategy game that comes with an original story that puts in control of a fortress lying on a rock. I have rarely discovered high-quality RTS games, that could keep me stuck in front of the computer for hours, even days, but Stratosphere is the only game that attracted my attention with its many provocative challenges. And believe me, there aren't so many games of this genre that succeed to be liked and to be played by a significant number of RTS fans. You are given the mission to build a huge flying fortress that you have to command like a true leader. The action/plot is pretty intriguing and absorbing, and it's not that easy to become the hero of your kingdom. The long hours spent in the single-player will be extended by the real fun that characterizes the multiplayer session. The 3D environment is very nice, and so the sounds that will join your fantasy adventure.

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