Virus: the Game

Action 1997 Windows Dosbox Sir-tech Software Flight shooter Strategic scope

Descent like strategy; nice premise, compromised execution

I love the originality of the idea behind this game. You control and build an emergent strategy as the general governing and trying to contain... the spread of viruses! However, in effect and gameplay wise, the game is a pretty dumb Descend kind of experience. Thus, when it all comes to be said and done, the game will not really offer you the right kind of set of elements to offer an enticing, captivating gameplay session. Your every session is mostly geared towards the collection of energy, energy that will be converted and put to work in transport, weapons and other such subsystems. But, unfortunately, the game is far from well produced or well balanced, and the economy is too hard to control. That is because the resources don't seem to be spread following a very well calculated spread, and a lot of time you will be left in the dark. At any rate, the viruses are by design a little dumb, and even if they attack constantly, it's going to be their numbers that will be of concern rather than any other element of the game. Anyway, download Descent for a similar and more well polished game.

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